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Microsoft Rewards

TypePaid to Search
Payment MethodHigh Street Vouchers (e.g. Debenhams), Microsoft Store Vouchers
Potential Monthly Earnings£1
Effective Pay Per Hour£1
Minimum Age18
CP Rating2

Microsoft Rewards is the software giant’s attempt to switch you from Google to Bing, Chrome to Edge… you get the drift! It used to be called Bing Rewards.

You get points each time that you do a search. Up to 90 points per day can be earned on desktop search, and another 60 points per day on mobile search.

You can also earn by completing short games designed to help you learn more about how Bing works. These can be quite good fun at times.

It’s a slow burner, but worth doing if you’re happy to change your default search engine to Bing. You’ll probably hit the daily limit just by searching as you normally would.

See also Swagbucks Search and QMee.

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